If you have visual media and want custom music to be synced with it, we would love to help. We can score films, short films, games, advertisements, sonic logos, animations, or anything else that shows visuals.
Competitive rates, and budget conscious options available.

Cory A. RobbinsComposer for Media & Film


I have been studying musical performance, creation, manipulation, and application for about 20 years. I specialize in providing the musical finger print that each client needs, and helping you to develop a strong identity.

I can help professional and amateur musicians and composers. Services such as Mock-Ups will take your music and make it sound as close to an actual ensemble as possible with a fraction of the cost, for, as you know, directors want to hear the best demos possible, and the budget doesn’t always allow for a live orchestra. Custom arrangements for your wind, marching, or percussion ensembles will help your players sound their best.

Custom compositions can be written for visual media, wind, marching, and percussion ensembles.

Through the use of the internet, powerful hardware, and software, I can work with clients from any distance to help achieve your musical goals.

I am also taking a limited number of students to take private lessons. Again, through the use of technology, distance is not an issue.


All Musical Needs

Music is such a vast field, and when paired with visual media, the amount of possibilities (and work) are practically limitless.  In addition to custom scoring, I can help with mixing, mastering, sound design, orchestration and mock-ups.  Over the past several years, I’ve been involved in many stages of projects, ranging from conception, creation, marketing, and launch.  I would love to talk with you about how I can help with your project.

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