My name is Cory A. Robbins, and I am a composer for visual media.  The path I have taken to this point has been anything but strategic, but the various detours and missteps have resulted in me seeing a great number of beautiful things, knowing amazing people, and learning substantially more about my craft than I probably would have had I been more calculated in my journey.


My love for music started well before I started elementary school, but I started my formal education in 6th grade, when I joined the West Fork Schools’ beginning band program.  I continued through school under the direction of the same director, and he inspired me to push myself further.  I started college as a music education major, and started composing and arranging for performing ensembles in my first year.

I had some medical issues arise, and it resulted in the loss of my ability to play for any length of time over about 10 minutes.  My professor was very understanding, and he shifted my private instruction to focus on arranging, physics of playing, and education techniques rather than performance.  This lead to me teaching the percussion section of the school I had graduated from.

I finished my time at that college without gaining a degree.  Too many modifications to my degree plan had resulted in a lack of confidence from a few key professors, and it simply wasn’t going to happen.  I transferred, and got a degree elsewhere in Music Production, emphasis in Film Scoring.  I fell in love with the dream, and the expression.

Since then, and during, I’ve composed an arranged for several performing ensembles, and worked on a number of student projects as well as multiple passion projects.  To this point, I’ve never really attempted to market my services; I’ve just fallen into various opportunities.

“If I play you a piece of music, that’s when you can truly look inside me.” – Hans Zimmer


There are so many composers and “normal” people that inspire me daily, but to keep it relevant, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Howard Shore are the biggest influences in my particular sound.  The range of delicate to completely bombastic is the definition of inspiration, in my most humble opinion.